On Call Compliance Solutions President Mike Frieder One Of The Very First In The Country To Complete CMMC Registered Practitioner Training

The time is 12:06 AM and the grind is real. Veteran cyber security and compliance expert Mike Frieder has just completed the CMMC (Cyber Maturity Model Certification) Framework’s Registered Practitioner Training Program. 

He is one of the very first in the country to pursue and achieve successful completion of the new program which was released barely 1 week ago (the CMMC AB is still getting their processes in order as we await the final steps of a code of conduct signature and background check) to  help DoD contractors and subcontractors understand and prepare for CMMC Certification. 

The CMMC certification process will verify those who do business with the Department of Defense are in full compliance with the laws governing how organizations outside of the government safeguard their information. Information that is the prime target of every day cyber attacks against the United States Supply Chain. Those small to large companies that make up the back bone of how we defend our country and provide aide and support throughout the world while defending freedom and the American way of life.

Our country has recognized the reality that war is no longer fought on the battlefield but instead with information, espionage, and disinformation. Our best defense for this advanced persistent threat is the enforcement of well thought out, systematically tested information security practices and processes. 

For years On Call Compliance Solutions has been a pioneer in assisting DoD contractors with their Cyber Security and Compliance needs. Mike and the team at On Call Compliance Solutions serve clients all over the world, helping them understand and comply with NIST SP 800-171, DFARS 252.204.7012, ITAR, and now the CMMC Certification Framework. 

Taking these steps, aligning with the CMMC Accreditation Body, and working tirelessly to help our Defense Supply Chain be more secure and reduce risk is all a part of what we do for our clients. By being one of the first in the world to finish CMMC Registered Practitioner training we are doubling down on our commitment to our clients to keep them secure and compliant. Defending those who defend our country is what we do… and this is one more demonstration of how far we are willing to go to do it.

Backed by an award-winning cyber security and IT management team, On Call Compliance Solutions is the #1 source for CMMC, NIST SP 800-171 Compliance, DFARS and ITAR consulting. Give us a call now to schedule a free phone call with one of our compliance experts to see how we can help.

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