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a move to office 365 gcc or gcc high is not easy. even microsoft openly talks about the challenges and cost of making the move. at on call we’ve figured out how to make it easy for our clients to make the move, get compliant, and not sacrifice the experience they know and love with office 365.

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Microsoft created Office 365 GCC and GCC High in order to protect mission critical data as a first priority. Unfortunately creating a user friendly easy to setup system seems to have been much lower on their to-do list. Thankfully after over 150+ email migrations our team knows the exact steps necessary in order to get you setup and running with Office 365 GCC High in order to meet ITAR compliance requirements.

Even without the concerns of migrating data from your previous email, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint systems a new GCC High operation requires the independent setup of an Azure Government Tenant, Active Directory user configuration, at least one custom domain and integration of that Azure Government Tenant with Microsoft GCC High licenses. Each of these components must be setup individually and verified to be talking to each other in order for information to flow back and forth between users and their Office 365 system components. While this happens easily and automatically in the Commercial Office 365 setup, the  GCC High offerings are a one size fits all solution which allows each individual component to be controlled directly. This individual control requires more effort at setup but is more secure due to increased controls available to the administrator. 

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Licensing Office 365 GCC High For ITAR Compliance

Not all licensing partners are created equally

Unique to Office 365 GCC High is that licenses must be purchased from a small hand selected group of Microsoft GCC High licensing partners. As an example if there are less than 500 accounts needed there are currently less than 20 licensing partners available.

Fortunately, On Call is a licensing partner agnostic integrator and we work with several of the top authorized license resellers. Even better, we know who to buy licenses from and their price points to make sure you always get the best price for your licensing based on your specific situation (This alone often results in the net cost of migration becoming 0 or potentially even an instant savings!). 

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As important as it is to move to Office 365 GCC High to meet compliance needs it is equally important for your organization to partner with a well established company who truly understands what it takes to deliver a great experience and help you set the right expectations. Our award winning nationwide support team has been helping clients with complex email migrations since 2003 and was an early adopter of Office 365 integration.

On Call is a nationally recognized leader in Cyber Security, Government Compliance and Microsoft Cloud Solutions integration.


FREE GUIDE: How to set end user expectations during a Microsoft Office 365 GCC High onboarding and migration. In this free guide we walk you through the exact expectations we recommend setting for end users to help answer questions and create a successful migration without the hassle and frustration. 

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  • Upon acceptance our project management team sets expectations and adds you into our live interactive project management system where you can track every step of the process live and in real time with our team so you always know exactly what’s happening.
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Backed by an award-winning email migration team, On Call Compliance Solutions is the #1 source for Office 365 GCC High migrations to meet ITAR and EAR compliance. Give us a call now to schedule a free call with an Office 365 migration expert to see how we can help you right now.

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